It’s Official: Using Random Numbers Leads to Bigger Wins!

When we choose our own lottery numbers, we make our selections based on a complex array of factors – lucky numbers, special dates, numbers that feel right to us in some intangible way, amongst countless others. A lot can be said for this method – there’s something quite special about the thought of the numbers which have defined your life combining to create the code that wins you a jackpot – but unfortunately, the stats show that playing lotto in this way could actually lose you money.

Allow us to explain. When a lotto player enters a draw using numbers which hold a special meaning to them, they are likely to do so without considering the fact that many other lottery players in the draw will be making their own selections in a similar way – numbers based on special dates from 1 to 31, avoidance of the unlucky number 13, and so on. This means that player-selected numbers have an increased likelihood of being chosen by multiple players.

Randomly selected numbers

Randomly selected numbers do not fall prey to the same pitfall; with no cultural biases in the selection process, no set of numbers is any likelier to be picked than any other. For the lottery player who uses randomly selected numbers and wins a big prize, this means a decreased likelihood of sharing the prize fund with other players; a distinction which could mean that their lottery win makes them several times richer. Sharing is a wonderful thing, and any decent-hearted lottery winner will surely hand out a number of cash gifts to friends and family – but you don’t want to be sharing out that precious prize money with other winning players.

Your next lottery bet

For those of you who would like to try out random numbers in your next lottery bet, we’re happy to say it’s easy as pie to fill in your lotto lines with randomly generated numbers using online interface. All you have to do is click the ‘Randomize line’ icon – depicting two crossing arrows and positioned in the bottom-left of each number card – on the number picker page for any lotto, and your line will instantly be generated. For the lotto player with a penchant for the exclusive, there’s no smarter policy than playing with random numbers!

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