Top 3 Amazing EuroJackpot Winners’ Stories

Top 3 Amazing EuroJackpot Winners’ Stories

EuroJackpot turned four years old this March – and what a four years it has been! Having started in obscurity, this fantastic game has grown to become one of the world’s premier lotteries, with a vast global following and a string of national jackpot records to its name. Of all the amazing EuroJackpot winners’ stories we’ve seen so far, these three would have to go down as our favourites…

The biggest EuroJackpot win ever

How could we talk about incredible EuroJackpot winning stories without mentioning the biggest EuroJackpot win ever!? The greatest moment in this bright young lottery’s history to date came in May 2015, when a player in the Czech Republic bagged the EuroJackpot maximum jackpot – a staggering € 90 million. Unfortunately for us, the prize’s seemingly reluctant recipient has chosen to remain anonymous, so we only have a few scraps of information on his identity to work with. We know he’s male, Czech and middle-aged… and we know that as of last year, he is absolutely filthy stinking rich!

A record win for ten Finns

Playing lottery as part of a syndicate is a smart strategy, as ten lucky steelworkers from the town of Toijala, Finland discovered to their immense benefit on March 4th 2014. The group got one of their ten tickets just right, and resultantly won the biggest EuroJackpot draw ever held up until that point in time. The winners took home € 5.7 million each from a grand total of € 57.3 million. “I hope the guys come to work on Monday,” their boss wryly remarked in the aftermath of the win. Somehow we’re not so sure…


Germany’s birthday present to EuroJackpot

What better way to celebrate a birthday than by smashing a national record in one of the continent’s mightiest countries? That’s exactly what EuroJackpot achieved on its fourth anniversary this March, by delivering a stunning € 76 million jackpot win to a stupendously lucky player in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany. The payout goes down as the biggest lottery win ever to take place in Germany, and the second highest in EuroJackpot’s precocious story so far.

EuroJackpot just keeps on producing these fantastic stories. Who knows, maybe we’ll see another maximum jackpot payout in 2016…

How to WIN EuroJackpot Prizes

How to WIN EuroJackpot Prizes

Do you love playing EuroJackpot but want to win more prizes? There’s no magic solution, but there are some proven ways to boost your chances of taking home more money, more often. These tips will on how to win EuroJackpot prizes will help you boost your chances of success:

A ticket in every draw

Some players only like to play EuroJackpot when the jackpot is really high, but the fact that this lottery features a minimum jackpot level means that there’s always an unbelievably huge prize to play for. Take advantage of EuroJackpot’s superior odds by getting a ticket in the draw every Friday – a weekly player is four times likelier to get rich than a monthly dabbler.

Play with random numbers

This nugget of wisdom has already caught on with many lottery players, but we thought we’d share it with you once again, just in case it has passed you by. The reason why random numbers beat ‘hand-picked’ numbers is simple – a random machine process is less likely to pick the same numbers as another player than a human is, which means a win with random numbers is likelier to deliver a full share of the prize kitty.

Read more about random numbers here


The power of intuition?

If that previous point sounds a bit too cold and calculating for your liking, you could always look at the more esoteric side of lotteries and chance. There’s no way to prove or disprove whether there’s more to chance than simple probability, but there are many stories that back up the notion that there really is some luck underpinning certain wins, from prophetic dreams to unbelievably unlikely ‘lightning strikes twice’ double winners.

Divide your share to slash the odds

One method of going for lotto gold that no-one can dispute is buddying up with a syndicate of players and pooling your tickets. Sure, you have to share your winnings with other players if you’re the winner, but you also get a share of their cash if their ticket wins. If you’re playing as part of a syndicate of ten players in EuroJackpot and one of your tickets is the only jackpot winner, you’ll never win less than € 1 million!

EuroJackpot Facts: We Bet You Never Knew This…

EuroJackpot Facts: We Bet You Never Knew This…

EuroJackpot has only been around since 2012, but despite being the youngest game at the international lottery industry’s top table, it’s already one of the most interesting draws in the world! Here are some unusual EuroJackpot facts that will enlighten your understanding of this remarkable lotto: 

Remarkable odds

The odds of winning the jackpot with one line in EuroJackpot are about 1 in 95,344,200. That’s phenomenally low compared to the 1 in 116,531,800 odds on a jackpot win in rival draw EuroMillions!

Top prize

The biggest EuroJackpot prize paid out to date – and the highest possible under current rules – was the sensational €90 million max jackpot of May 15th 2015, which was claimed by one lucky player in the Czech Republic.

Viva España!

The Spanish must be lotto-crazy! Not only does the Iberian nation host an annual Christmas Lottery that smashes world records left, right and centre; it is also the only country to officially participate in both EuroJackpot and EuroMillions.

Don’t do it!

One lotto prankster from the Czech Republic subjected hundreds of thousands of people to the truly horrifying experience of watching a fortune go up in flames… or that’s what they thought they were watching anyway! In May 2015, the trickster uploaded a video to YouTube which apparently shows him burning a €90 million jackpot-winning EuroJackpot ticket, prompting disbelieving comments and ‘thumbs down’s from viewers around the world.Thankfully, the video has been proven to be a hoax – the culprit told reporters “The video is a social experiment video and the ticket was not real.” Phew. You can watch the video here.

EuroJackpot’s charitable side

Since the distant days when kendo games were used to help fund the construction of the Great Wall of China, the nations of the world have been using lotto money to aid their neediest citizens and achieve their greatest dreams. Take EuroJackpot Holland for example: their Foundation Lotto has already pumped over €1.2 billion into Dutch sport. No wonder the likes of sprinter Dafne Schippers and footballer Arjen Robben are taking the world by storm!

Delicate balls

You may be surprised to learn that the balls used in EuroJackpot draws are softer than a ping-pong ball! This surprising quality is achieved through the use of synthetic polymers in the manufacturing of the balls.

Here’s why you should play in Minimum Jackpot EuroJackpot Draws

Here’s why you should play in Minimum Jackpot EuroJackpot Draws

Somebody just won the jackpot! That’s awesome and inspiring, but for many EuroJackpot players it can actually be a bit off-putting, as it invariably means there will be less money to play for in the next draw. But that’s not the ‘be all and end all’. Here’s why you should persevere with this great lotto, even when the next game coming up is a minimum jackpot EuroJackpot draw:

The minimum jackpot is HUGE

Just take a moment to consider the minimum jackpot in this lottery. It’s € 10 MILLION.

This jackpot figure completely dwarfs the top prizes you’ll find in most national lotteries on a weekly basis. There’s no such thing as a small EuroJackpot jackpot. Imagine what you could do with an eight-figure bank balance!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.57.02 PM

Look at the bigger picture

As you are undoubtedly aware, you’re always likelier to win a second or third tier prize than the jackpot. It’s a good thing then, that EuroJackpot’s 2nd and 3rd prizes are always pretty darn good, with the former consistently extending well into six-figures or beyond. There are almost always multiple second prize winners in every EuroJackpot draw, and there’s a great chance that you could be one of them whenever you play.

Play for fun!

The main priority for any lottery player should always be having fun. Huge jackpots add an extra layer of thrill into the game, but a lotto draw is fun under any circumstances. You’ve still got the tension of the draw, the pleasing task of choosing your numbers, and the incredible prospect of unbelievable riches, even if the jackpot fund is at its lowest level. The international nature of EuroJackpot adds to the fun. You’re not just playing with your compatriots – you’re joining millions of people from all over the world.


Regular players > occasional players

It’s basic maths. Weekly lottery players are far more likely to become millionaires than those who only place a bet when the jackpot fund is at a particularly high level. Think of it like this – if you win a jackpot of any size, you’re lucky; and if you win an all-time record jackpot you’re especially lucky, even by a lottery winner’s standards.

These hints could help you win!

The History of EuroJackpot: 4 Fantastic Years

The History of EuroJackpot: 4 Fantastic Years

Oh how time flies when you’re having fun! Over three years have passed since the very first draw of Europe’s hot new lottery, EuroJackpot. The game now finds itself a household name in international lotto, with millions of players across the continent and an increasingly strong online following around the world. This is the lotto that offers huge jackpots and the very best odds, this is the lotto that offers hope… without further ado, here is the history of EuroJackpot so far:

The vision

Back in 2006 when the idea of the EuroJackpot lotto was first tabled, the people of central Europe had a poor deal as far as major lottery draws were concerned. Whilst those in Scandinavia and the Baltic states had been playing the multi-national Viking Lotto since 1993 and most of the citizens of western European could enjoy blockbuster EuroMillions draws on a weekly basis, those living in the heart of the continent could only depend on their own national lottery draws – an especially uninspiring prospect for those living in the least populous countries, where a paucity of players inevitably led to low national lottery jackpot funds.

Member countries

Delegations from the founding EuroJackpot member countries – Germany, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy and the Netherlands – met for an Amsterdam summit in 2011, where a vision was set out for a fresh and inspirational multi-national lottery, offering a unique combination of headline-grabbing jackpots and competitive odds on prize wins. Plans were drawn up in detail over the following months, and the first EuroJackpot draw was held on March 23rd 2012.


Growing interest and record success

A successful first year for EuroJackpot saw big wins throughout many of the draw’s participant countries, which ignited interest in the lotto far beyond the boundaries of its host nations. A burgeoning online EuroJackpot market saw players joining in from all over the globe, spurring Spain, Croatia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden to join as official participating nations within a year of the lottery’s launch. They were followed in October 2014 by Hungary and the Czech Republic, whose involvement brings the EuroJackpot’s prospective player total in its host countries to 270 million – the largest pool of potential  participants to be found in any European lottery.

Higher payouts

These latest additions to EuroJackpot’s host countries coincided with a rule change designed to encourage less frequent but higher value jackpot payouts, which was surely instrumental in the lotto’s record €90 million payout in May 2015.

And there you have it: a potted history of EuroJackpot in its first three years! We’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say the future is looking very bright indeed for this remarkable lottery.


How One Finnish EuroJackpot Syndicate Became €57 Million Richer

How One Finnish EuroJackpot Syndicate Became €57 Million Richer

A phenomenally lucky 10-strong Finnish EuroJackpot syndicate hit the headlines on April 4th 2014, by landing a massive EuroJackpot prize of €57,275,841.60. At the time this was the biggest jackpot ever paid out by the up-and-coming lotto. The syndicate members – all steel industry workers from the small town of Toijala in western Finland – each received a life-changing sum of over €5.7 million. We can only assume they all continue to enjoy a life of luxury to this day!

For other lotto players, this is the million Euro question: what were the secrets to this Finnish EuroJackpot syndicate’s success?

Pick the right lottery

Perhaps the most significant of the Finnish syndicate’s smart moves was choosing the major lottery draw that offers that best odds on a major prize win: EuroJackpot. With world-leading odds of 1 in 95,344,200 on a jackpot payout, this game stands head-and-shoulders above leading rivals including EuroMillions and Germany’s Lotto 6/49. As one of the founding EuroJackpot nations, Finland is home to a considerable number of regular players – in the earliest days of the draw (which launched back in 2012), the support of Scandinavian players was crucial to the lottery’s growth.


Hunt as a pack

If you want to play lotto smart, play as part of a syndicate. To most rational players, a remote chance of a €57 million win does not compare with a ten times greater chance of winning €5.7 million – once you’ve spent that first few million Euros, what are you going to do with the rest of that money anyway? There are lottery syndicates of all shapes and sizes, from workplace pacts to streamlined online models, optimised by lotto industry experts to offer players the very best chance of winning big.


Enter the biggest draws

Our group of Finnish millionaires didn’t just play the right lottery in the smartest manner – they picked a great draw to enter too! Only a handful of EuroJackpot draws have surpassed the €57 million mark to date; one notable exception was May 2015 draw in which the €90 million maximum jackpot prize was dished out to one astonishingly lucky player. If you’re a regular EuroJackpot entrant, why not buy yourself another line on those big occasion, multiple rollover Friday nights to double your chances of winning at that crucial moment?

The € 90 Million Tale of the Biggest EuroJackpot Win Ever

The € 90 Million Tale of the Biggest EuroJackpot Win Ever

EuroJackpot is known amongst lottery players as the major lotto that offers the best odds on big prize wins – but that doesn’t mean to say the jackpots on offer don’t get ludicrously big! This is the story of the biggest EuroJackpot win ever, which hit the headlines all over Europe in 2015. It just goes to show that great odds and astonishing prizes really can go hand in hand.

It seemed like just an ordinary early summer evening – but the night of Friday May 15th 2015 would go down in the record books as the most extraordinary moment in the histories of both EuroJackpot, and of lottery in the Czech Republic.

The news broke soon after the EuroJackpot draw that night – a matching ticket for a record-breaking jackpot of € 90 Million had been sold by a Czech vendor, and the winner was expected to be announced over the following days.

A reticent record breaker

As it turned out, several weeks would pass before the big winner finally stepped forward to claim their prize, which was worth a whopping 2.4 billion in Czech Crowns.

The long wait for the draw’s conclusion spawned a nationwide hunt for the € 90 Million ticket. One internet prankster sparked a sensation by posting a fake video of an imitation ticket being burned to a crisp by a mysterious hooded man.

Thankfully, the winner eventually came forward to collect his prize. As he chose to exercise his right to anonymity, we know tantalisingly little about his identity and the reasons behind his long wait to claim the jackpot. An employee of Sazka, the company which organises EuroJackpot in the Czech Republic, revealed that the winner was a middle-aged man, still in work, who simply said he had needed time to think things over after finding out he’d landed the biggest EuroJackpot win ever. So much for the idea that women are better at lotto! He is said to have immediately withdrawn 270,000 crowns in cash upon claiming his prize, before leaving to catch a train.

Thanks to the liberal gaming laws of his native country, the winner won’t have paid any tax whatsoever on his big win – god bless the Czech Republic!

When will the record be broken again?

€ 90 Million is the maximum jackpot in the EuroJackpot lottery, so we won’t see a bigger win until such a time as when the game’s rules are altered, whenever that may be. The jackpot could, however, be equalled at any time – and quite possible at some point this year!

Winning the Lottery vs. Finding your Soulmate

Winning the Lottery vs. Finding your Soulmate

Winning the lottery, or finding your soulmate – which would you choose? Obviously, both are pretty appealing options, but as a lottery website we are naturally a little bit biased ;). Here are ten good reasons why winning the lottery is even better than finding your soul mate…

10) Who needs a soulmate when you can have loads of beloved pals?

The problem with having a soulmate – in general – is that you can easily lose sight of all the other important people in your life. A healthy bunch of great friends beats one object of obsession.

people_PEL copy 2

9) You’ll never fall out with your lottery jackpot

Soulmates can be hard work. Your lottery millions, meanwhile, will always be on board with your plans!

8) Winning the lottery lets you help out ALL of your friends and family

Everyone fantasises about what they might do for their friends and family with a lottery win. Imagine all the fun and maybe even life-changing gifts you could buy your dear ones!


7) Winning a lottery jackpot is way more special

Plenty of people would say they have a soulmate, but the lottery jackpot winners club is far more exclusive!

6) A soulmate is way more responsibility

It’s generally considered a wonderful thing to have a soulmate – but it’s a lot of work too! Just stick your lottery jackpot in the bank and let your interest rate do the rest.

5) Yachts

4) This pearl of wisdom from a giant of French literature:

“Money may not buy happiness, but I’d rather cry in a Jaguar than on a bus.” – Francoise Sagan

3) With a lottery jackpot, you can do anything!

The especially amazing thing about winning a lottery jackpot would be the newfound possibility of doing just about anything you want, from following your business dreams to becoming one of the first ever space tourists!

people_PEL copy 3

2) Winning the lottery = an easy life forever

A soulmate is someone to share your worries with. A jackpot win is a reason never to worry again.

1) There’s no reason why you can’t do both!

Of course, the biggest winners of them all win the jackpot and find that special someone. If you’re reading this: lucky you!


Try these Top Tips to Win More Lottery Prizes

Try these Top Tips to Win More Lottery Prizes

Did you know that you can significantly raise your chances of winning lottery prizes by changing just a few things about the way you play? Sure, there’s no certain way to hit the jackpot, but there certainly are ways to bring that dream significantly closer to becoming a reality. Try out these simple methods to multiply your chances of winning more lottery prizes:

1) Start a syndicate

Whether you choose to partner with friends, family or colleagues, starting a lottery syndicate is a tremendous way to improve your chances of becoming a lotto millionaire. In a syndicate, all members buy the same amount of unique tickets – whether that’s one or a dozen – which are then pooled. If any ticket wins a prize, the winnings are shared between the players. If you consider the utterly vast scale of today’s lotto prizes, this seems like a particularly smart way to enjoy a greatly improved chance of winning a life-changing sum of money. Even a syndicate of 100 players could win a fantastic 100.000 EUR each if just one of their tickets bagged a 10 million EUR jackpot.


2) Random numbers win more often

We’ll get straight to the point: random numbers win more often than hand-picked numbers! Recent research into lottery results found that a whopping 53% of jackpot wins come as the result of a completely random number combination, whilst only 11% of winning lines are made up exclusively of ‘lucky’ numbers such as birthday dates or house numbers. The facts are startling clear: the majority of big winners pick random numbers!


3) Stick with EuroJackpot!

If you’re already a EuroJackpot player, stick with it; and if you’re not, consider switching to this great European lotto – it offers the best odds of a major win. The explanation behind this claim is quite simple: there are fewer numbers in the draw than you’d find in a EuroMillions draw (or any other world-leading lotto), which naturally means the numbers you choose have a calculably better chance of being called. Playing EuroJackpot rather than other lotteries would probably be the very best advice any lotto expert could offer to a player seeking a big win.


4) Keep up with the latest lotto news

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the vast majority of players would rather win a jackpot fund worth 50 million EUR than one worth 10 million EUR or any other lower figure. If this decidedly logical rule applies to you, then you should focus your betting on the bigger draws – buy a few extra tickets for the most high profile draws of your favourite lotto to multiply your chance of bagging an extraordinary jackpot amongst extraordinary jackpots, le crème de la crème! Keep up with the latest lotto news to find out when you need to place those extra bets.

How to Play Online Lotto Safely

How to Play Online Lotto Safely

It’s easy to play online lotto safely, so long as you follow a few simple but important steps. Here are our top tips on how to stay secure on your digital quest for a life-changing jackpot win:

Find a lottery site you can trust

Without a shadow of a doubt, this would have to be our most important piece of advice for any new online lottery player. Much as you wouldn’t buy a physical lotto ticket from an untrustworthy vendor on the street, you should never place a lotto bet through a disreputable provider online. It’s harder to make judgements of this sort in the virtual world, but luckily for you, there are plenty of trusted sites listed on our reviews page. If you’d like to explore further, head over to to take a look at their informed and impartial reviews of leading online lotto sites.

Use an encrypted site

Once you’ve created a user account with an online lottery operator, you should start to see a padlock symbol at the left hand side of the address bar when you log-in to their site through your browser. That little padlock means the site has been granted an SSL Certificate – an official acknowledgement that its data is protected from hacking through the process of encryption. To put it simply, it means the personal information you upload to the site is safe. Some lotto sites with SSL certification are listed on our homepage.

Spending on digital platforms is still spending

You’re entitled to buy as many lotto tickets as you want online – after all, you’re only going to improve your chances of a win! Having said that, we feel it’s worth pointing out that for some consumers, spending online can seem less real than making a purchase in a physical shop. This can be dangerous. By all means buy large numbers of lotto tickets when you play online, if that’s what you would do in your local shop.

Read the small print

Head over to the Terms & Conditions page on your chosen lotto provider’s site to find out the exact nature of the site’s rules, regulations and services – these will differ from site to site, so it’s always a good idea to check.